The field guide contains application examples organized by thematic areas.

Each application in the field guide is organized as follows:

What you will learn

Introduces the learnings addressed in the application

Addressing a scientific and processing goal

Provides a brief description of the thematic area addressed by the application.

Workflow design

Introduces the application workflow as a Directed Acyclic Graph. In some applications the workflow is very simple and made of a single node to better address the learning goals.

Processing nodes design

Breaks-down the workflow nodes and describes its design.

Application integration

Shows hows the pieces fit together: workflow and nodes as defined in the framework.

Data preparation

Explains how test data is managed in the Sandbox as a combination of the steps:

  • Copying external data to the Sandbox local storage
  • Copying data available in the platform to the Sandbox local storage
  • Pre-processing the data (e.g. changing the format)

Application testing

Provides the guidelines on how to test the workflow nodes individually or automatically.

Application exploitation

Describes how to exploit the application with e.g. larger datasets.