How to Join


Ellip is a Platform-as-a-Service for data analysts and specialists who need to work with large Earth Observation (EO) data collections. Such users are typically research engineers, software developers or application integrators.

Working on Ellip provides them with access to a set of Cloud Computing solutions to integrate, test, validate, package, deploy and monitor EO data processing applications. These applications are integrated on Ellip, and then deployed from Ellip, either as interactive experiments (experiment, training, education purposes), or as massively scalable processing services (production purposes).

Moreover, the Ellip Solutions are built on top of proven Cloud APIs and services, allowing Terradue’s business partners to plug new resources on Terradue Cloud Platform (e.g. distributed data repositories, Cloud Computing data centers, software toolboxes), and make these resources available to the Ellip Solutions users.

Create a user account

Two options to register, and a mandatory “upgrade request” to be performed in order to join with a subscription plan.

Option 1: Register from the sign-up page

In this approach, you are using Terradue as your identity provider.

1. Register on - It’s a simple registration form to fill-in

2. Check your mailbox - we’ve sent you a confirmation email in order to validate your user email address (cf. the one you have provided through the account registration form)

Option 2: Register from a linked account

In this approach, you are using a third-party identity provider, that is referenced and trusted by Terradue.

1. Go to and check the list of referenced Identity providers - It’s a simple link to click, from a list of trusted Identity providers - Select the one for which you already have a user account - Authorize Terradue to import your third party account details, in order to create your Terradue user account

2. Check your mailbox - we’ve sent you a confirmation email in order to validate your user email address (cf. the one imported from your third party user account)

Upgrade !

This is managed through your “Subscription Plan”.

By default, your newly created account does not provide you with a full access to the Ellip Solutions. You need to request an account upgrade, by mentioning in your request the project or institution that is sponsoring your access to the Ellip Solutions.

  • Request an account upgrade from your “profile” page

Access the Platform Services

Once you have passed through these steps, you are ready !

You have your Ellip Solutions main controls in hand. You can start integrating an application.

What about having a quick tour of the Ellip Solutions ? There’s Developer’s Quick Start just for that !

This Getting Started Guide will also provide you with general information about the services and tools at your disposal in the PaaS (Platform as a Service) environment, and some key principles to understand how to integrate your own application for the Cloud.


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