ciop-run [options] [node_id]


ciop-run executes either an application workflow or, if the node_id is provided, a single step of the application workflow.


-d, --debug
Enter in debug mode. Default: false
-f, --force
Force the execution when application.xml has changed from the previous run. Default: false
-g, --graph
Display a graph of the nodes (experimental). Default: false
-h, --help
Display help informations. Default: false
-i, --inputs
A file containing the inputs (source) for the workflow.
-l, --list
Provide the list of the previous workflows and Status. If a node id is provided, all the successful previous run are listed. Default: false
-n, --nodes
Display a list of the nodes. Default: false
-P, --param
Runtime parameter values. Syntax: -Pkey=value Default: {}
-p, --pfile
A file containing the parameters for the workflow.
-S, --source
Runtime source values. Syntax: -Skey=value Default: {}
-w, --workflowfId
The previous workflow id to use as input (e.g., 0000001-140613165901451-oozie-oozi-W).

Exit Status

ciop-run command exits with

  • 0 on success
  • 1 an error occured
  • any other exit code is from the executable itself


ciop-run my_node