A data casting facility


The Platform allows data providers to promote the usage of their hosted data, by having dedicated catalogues to manage series/datasets selected for exploitation with the platform’ services.

These provided data resources can be searched and retrieved by users from the platform, and exploited through cloud appliances bound to a proper usage policy.

I am a data provider, how can I proceed to get registered on GEP ?

For the time period of the Platform Validation with early adopters, a data provider partner can interact very simply with the support team, in order to add a catalog entry on the platform.

This is the minimum capability offered at this stage. In the future, it is planed to offer authorized Data Providers with a service for self-registration of their dataset series.

To ask us for more information:

contact at geohazards-tep.eu

Indicate the resources you would like to promote on the platform, and the usage policies to be bound with the provided data resources.