Interferogram generation with ADORE DORIS


ADORE DORIS interferometric processor

ADORE DORIS is an Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) processor developed by the University of Miami Geodesy Group, to help researchers generate interferograms with ease. ADORE stands for Automated DORIS Environment. DORIS is a standalone program that can perform most common steps of the interferometric radar processing in a modular set up. DORIS handles SLC (Single Look Complex) data to generate interferometric products, and can be used to georeference unwrapped products. This service supports processing of ENVISAT ASAR Image Mode Level 1 (ASA_IMS_1P) data.

EO sources supported:

  • Envisat ASAR Image Mode Level 1 (ASA_IMS_1P)

Output specifications

  • coseismic interferogram

Select the processing

  • Login to the platform (see user section)
  • Select the processing service “ADORE DORIS interferometric processor”:

The “ADORE DORIS Interferometric Processor” panel is displayed with parameters values to be filled-in.


Parameters comes with default pre-filled values which are the same as the ones used in this tutorial, so you may skip the following section and directly use the pre-filled parameters.

Fill the parameters


slave and master can be picked up by using the following data package (alternatively to the search steps described): ADORE_LAquila

Slave product reference

  • Select EO Data / Envisat as data collection.
  • Type ASA_IMS_1P in the Search Terms field (1):
  • Click on Show Other Parameters:
  • apply the date value 2008-03-26 in both:
  • time:start field
  • time:end field

then click on the button Search:

  • Drag and Drop the first result (the one with Track 129) in the Slave product reference field:

Master product reference

  • Perform the same procedure described previously (Slave product reference), using as values 2009-03-11 . Apply this date value in both:
  • time:start field
  • time:end field :
  • Drag and drop the result in the Master product reference field:

Point of Interest

  • Type
POINT(13.4 42.35)

in the Point of Interest field:


  • Type

in the Extend:

Settings for ADORE Doris separated by comma

  • Type
cc_winsize="128 128",fc_acc="8 8",int_multilook="4 4",coh_multilook="4 4",dumpbaseline="15 10"

in the Settings for ADORE Doris separated by comma field:


Run the job

  • Click on the button Run Job:
  • See the Running Job:
  • After about 20 minutes, see the Successful Job:
  • Click on the button Show results on map, then on the 20090311_20080326_cint.tiff result on the Results Table in the bottom left side
  • See the result on map: