Sentinel-3 SLSTR composites


Sentinel-3 SLSTR composites

This service takes as input a Sentinel-3 SLSTR Level 1 (SL_1_RBT___) product on DESCENDING orbit and uses the bands S3, S2, S1 to do a False Colour Infrared RGB composite. The output of the service is a EO data product in GeoTIFF format. The product is a RGBA GeoTiff file obtained through the composition of S3, S2, S1 bands [1]. The output GeoTiff is displayed in geobrowser with the possibility to access product metadata.

EO sources supported

  • Sentinel-3 SLSTR Level 1 (SL_1_RBT___) product until 15-Jan-2020 with DESCENDING orbit only [2]
Information type False Colour Infrared RGBA composite for Sentinel-3 SLSTR Level 1 (SL_1_RBT___)
Raster format GeoTIFF
Resolution Native (500 metres)
RED S3 band (VNIR band)
GREEN S2 band (Red band)
BLUE S1 band (Green band)
ALPHA set transparency for nodata pixels
Browse product available YES (GeoTIFF)
Output Filename example S3 SLSTR False color Infrared - Quicklook (2020-01-11T23:01:47/2020-01-11T23:01:47)

This tutorial will describe the processing of Sentinel-3 SLSTR Level 1 (SL_1_RBT___) product on DESCENDING orbit and uses the bands S3, S2, S1 to generate a False Colour Infrared RGB composite for the one input Sentinel-3 acquisitions on the GEP.

Select the processing

  • Login to the platform (see user section)
  • Go to the Geobrowser, expand the panel “Processing services” on the right hand side and select the processing service “Sentinel-3 SLSTR composites”:

This will display the “Sentinel-3 SLSTR composites” service panel including several pre-defined parameters values to be filled-in.


Fill the parameters

Reference input

  • Select the Sentinel-3 data collection in the EO Data button.
  • Select the area for which you want to do an anlysis, e.g over Australia.
  • Click on the lens icon to open the Search Panel
  • Select SL_1_RBT___ as Product Type
  • Apply the date value, for example 2020-01-02, in both time:start and time:end fields
  • Verify that the product has DESCENDING Orbit
  • Drag and Drop the selected item in the Sentinel-3 SLSTR Level 1 (SL_1_RBT___) input reference field:


input can be picked up directly by using the following text filter: S3A_SL_1_RBT____20200102T233200_20200102T233500_20200104T044209_0179_053_201_3420_LN2_O_NT_003

Run the job

  • Click on the button Run Job and see the Running Job
  • After about 20 minutes, see the Successful Job:

Results: download and visualization

  • Click on the button Show results
  • See the result on map:
  • The following files are produced:

    • S3 SLSTR False color Infrared - Quicklook (2020-01-11T23:01:47/2020-01-11T23:01:47) - product GeoTIFF RGBA


[2]SNAP6 is used in this service and supports only products with Baseline collection equal to 003 or less