Hands-On Exercise 8: browse published results

In this exercise, we will run again the workflow of the exercise a multi-node workflow, then we will browse its results through the Oozie Web Console that was previously introduced.


Install the Hands-On

  • Install the Hands-On Exercise 8, just type:
cd dcs-hands-on
mvn clean install -D hands.on=8 -P bash

Run the workflow

  • Type the following command:
  • Wait until the workflow is completed (it will take approximately five minutes).

Browse the results


Read how to obtain the value of your Sandbox $HOSTNAME in the General Notes section

  • Click on the link Browse the filesystem,
  • Click on the link ciop,
  • Click on the link run,
  • Click on the link hands-on-8,
  • Click on the link representing the workflow id (e.g., 0000269-150209145053100-oozie-oozi-W),
  • Click on the link _result,
  • To see intermediate results, click on node_expression and then click on data.

The following images show the steps that we have just performed:

Browse results
Browse results
Browse results
Browse results
Browse results
Browse results
Browse results


  1. We executed a multinode workflow;
  2. We browsed either final or intermediate results through the Oozie Web Console.