For all operations related to data publication it is necessary to authenticate with the various Ellip hosts. This is done using an API key, which is unique to a user account and has the same purpose as a password.

Generate and export API key

In case you have no API key or do not know it, you have to find out whether an API key already exists for your Terradue account and, if not, to generate a new one. These are the steps to follow:

  • Open a web browser and go to
  • In case you see a dotted input field, there is already an API key and can skip the following two steps.
  • Click on the Get API key or Generate a new API key button.
  • Type the password associated to your Terradue account.
  • Click the Copy on clipboard button.

To use the key in a POSIX-compatible Linux/macOS working environment, you can define it as an environment variable and refer to it during the operations described below.

  • Log on your sandbox (with a VPN session active in order to SSH to it, contact us if you need this) or use another Linux/macOS host
  • From the terminal, type:
export APIKEY=<paste-copied-value-here>