Discover the Ellip Workflows services & tools

User dashboard Web UI

Accessed from the VPN at the address: http://<your_ellip_workflow_host>/dashboard

The Dashboard provides tabs listed below.

Sandbox tab

The VM status information (name, owner, security, network, disks).

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Application descriptor viewer tab

A viewer for the Application Descriptor XML file.

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Debug tab

A debug tab presenting the workflows launched with the command ciop-run or submitted using the WPS interface, as managed by Hadoop Oozie.

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Invoke tab

A processing invocation client, interacting with Hadoop via an OGC Web Processing Service (WPS) interface.

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Health tab

A Cloud Service health monitoring (CPU consumption, Disk usage, Cluster status).

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Oozie Web GUI

To view the processes launched with the ciop-run command you can use the Oozie GUI Web Console.

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Accessed from the VPN at the address: http://<ellip_workflow_host>:11000

The ciop tools

The CIOP tools are part of your PaaS development environment. They form a set of API to manage the data flows (stage-in/out) and are accessed from within the Streaming executable scripts declared in your job templates.

Check the Reference Guide for a detailed information about the tools.