What you will learn

With this field guide application, you will learn:

  1. To manage test data in a sandbox - you will copy Envisat ASAR Level 0 Image Mode data to the sandbox
  2. To create an application invoking the ROI_PAC to generate an interferogram
  3. To create an application that uses an external WPS service in a workflow
  4. To test the application - you will execute the node and workflow and inspect the results
  5. To exploit the application - you will create the Web Processing Service (WPS) interface and invoke it

Where is the code

The code for this tutorial is available on GitHub repository InSAR-ROI_PAC.

To deploy the tutorial on a Developer Sandbox:

cd ~
git clone https://github.com/Terradue/InSAR-ROI_PAC.git
mvn install

This will build and deploy the application on the /application volume.

The code can be modified by forking the repository here: https://github.com/Terradue/InSAR-ROI_PAC

Before going further, install the dependencies:

sudo yum install -y roi_pac.x86_64 roi_pac-grdfile.x86_64

Questions, bugs, and suggestions

Please file any questions, bugs or suggestions as issues or send in a pull request.