Step 6 - Release the data transformation application

This step creates a release of the application leveraging the ciop-release utility to support the preparation of a new production release.

ciop-release is a command-line utility that follows the Gitflow workflow and thus:

  • Creates a ‘release’ branch created from the ‘develop’ branch
  • Merges the ‘release’ branch back into ‘master’
  • Tags the release with its name
  • Back-merges the release into ‘develop’
  • Removes the ‘release’ branch
  • Puts the right content in the ‘docker’ branch

Once this step is concluded, the data transformation application is ready to be built and create a Docker image that can be instantiated in the Production Centre computing nodes.

  • Using the JupyterLab Launcher, start a Terminal window and type the commands:
export HOME=/home/${CLOUD_USERNAME}
cd /workspace/${APP_NAME}
git add -A .
git commit -m "First application version"
git push -u origin develop

The steps above commit and push the data transformation application code to the ‘develop’ branch of the software repository.

  • Type the command below and follow the steps, confirm with ‘Y’ when asked and provide your Gitlab password when needed:
  • See, the following interface:

ciop-release output

[ ]: