Application descriptor reference


The Application descriptor file is an XML document that describes an Application workflow (see Application workflow). With it you can define in a structured way, the steps needed by your application to:

  • provide a service interface (based on the OGC WPS standard);
  • discover and download input data;
  • process data, producing intermediate and final results;
  • trigger remote web processing services;
  • publish result files.

Descriptor type

The application descriptor is an XML file available in $_CIOP_APPLICATION_PATH/application.xml


the value $_CIOP_APPLICATION_PATH is /application

Descriptor structure

The application descriptor structure consists of two separate sections:

  1. jobTemplates
  2. workflow

The first part defines the job templates that are then instantiated as workflow steps of the Directed Acyclic Graph.

Each job template contains:

  • the path to the streaming executable
  • parameters and optionally their allowed and default values
  • properties (e.g. maximum number of tasks, processing timeout, etc.)

The second part contains the workflow steps, here called “nodes”.

Each node can contain:

  • the source for the inputs (e.g. a previous node, a catalogue series, a local file or a list of values)
  • their parameter values to override the default parameters (defined in the job template above)