Sentinel-1 Level-1 GRD RGB composite [eo4sd]


Sentinel-1 Level-1 GRD RGB composite

This service takes one or up to two consecutive GRD Sentinel-1 Level-1 acquisitions (on the same day) as input to create an RGB composite. The RGB is based on Sentinel-1 polarization. More specifically:

  • Red: VV (linear)
  • Green: HH (linear)
  • Blue: VV / VH in linear (equivalent of VV-VH for dB)

Furthermore, the service offers the possibility to put two input products to make the slice-assembly. For the slice-assembly the two Sentinel-1 GRD data products must be same track, same day and consecutive.

EO sources supported

This service supports as input the Sentinel-1 Level-1 GRD products.

DEM Type

The Copernicus DEM (CDEM) is used.

Output specifications

The service provides the following output product.

Output – Sentinel-1 Level-1 GRD RGB composite
Correspondent file Sentinel-1 Level-1 GRD RGB composite
Raster format GeoTIFF
resolution Native
Projection types EPSG:3857 - WGS84 – Pseudo Mercator
Output Filename example S1A_IW_GRDH_1SDV_20200903T181136_20200903T181141_03F910_6B20

Select the processing

  • Login to the platform (see user section)
  • Go to the Geobrowser, expand the panel “Processing services” on the right hand side and select the processing service “Sentinel-1 GRD RGB composite”:

This will display the “Sentinel-1 GRD RGB composite” service panel including several pre-defined parameters values to be filled-in.


Fill the parameters

Reference input

  • Select the Sentinel-1 data collection in the EO Data button.
  • Select the area for which you want to do an analysis, e.g over Madrid (Spain).
  • Click on the lens icon to open the Search Panel
  • Select GRD as Product Type
  • Apply the date value, for example 2020-09-01 in time:start field and 2020-09-08 in time:end field.
  • Drag and Drop the selected item in the Input references field:

Area Of Interest in WKT

  • Click on the Magic tool wizard and select AOI. The input parameter is automatically filled with the WKT representing the area selected.


you can also specify manually a different AOI in WKT format, or draw a new area on the map using the search tool and get its value from the Magic tool wizard.

Run the job

  • Click on the button Run Job and see the Running Job
  • After about 20 minutes, see the Successful Job:

Results: download and visualization

  • Click on the button Show results
  • See the result on map:
  • The following files are produced:

    • S1A_IW_GRDH_1SDV_20200903T181136_20200903T181141_03F910_6B20 - GeoTIFF