SRTM Digital Elevation Model on Hadoop Cloud Sandbox [GEN]


SRTM Digital Elevation Model

This application generates the STRM DEM in ROI_PAC or GAMMA ready format

EO sources supported:

  • SRTM

Output specifications

  • DEM in ROI_PAC or GAMMA ready format

Select the processing

  • Login to the platform (see User Profile section).
  • Select the processing service “SRTM Digital Elevation Model”:

The “SRTM Digital Elevation Model” panel is displayed with parameters values to be filled-in.


SRTM valid in the [-56 deg,+60 deg] range of latitudes.


Parameters comes with default pre-filled values which are the same as the ones used in this tutorial, so you may skip the following section and directly use the pre-filled parameters.

Fill the parameters

SAR product catalogue entry

  • Select EO Data / Envisat as data collection.
  • Type ASA_IM__0P in the Search Terms field (1):
  • Click on Show Other Parameters and apply the date value 2010-05-02 in both:
  • time:start field
  • time:end field

then click on the button Search:

  • Drag and Drop the first result in the SAR product catalogue entry(ies) in RDF format field:

Format of the generated DEM

  • Fill the Format of the generated DEM (roi_pac or gamma) filed with gamma or roi_pac

Run the job

  • Click on the button Run Job and see the Running Job
  • After few minutes, see the Successful Job:
  • Click on the button Show results on map, then on the tgz result on the Results Table in the bottom left side
  • You can also download the .tgz file: